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My friends and I are big fans of betting on different kind of sports. Not so long ago we only watched football, without even thinking how fun other sports can be. To be fair, horse racing doesn’t seem very appealing or very “fun” to watch, but one day there were no serious matches to watch and I decided, why not give it a try?

Fast forward to today, I’m thinking about attending the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, if I can only get myself a ticket to there.
That is why I decided to try out blogging and see if I can fund myself the ticket through this awesome website!

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Once you have placed your bet, the next step lies in waiting to see if you will emerge the winner. For most people, this means lying on a couch and following the action on the television. Live horse racing is available on both TV and online. Here is how you can be part of the action regardless of where you are.


Terrestrial TV is one way to go in this case. People living in Britain and Ireland can follow the action on ITV and ITV4 on Saturdays. Also, when big events take place, there are mid-week airings in case you missed the action. You can also catch the action on satellite channels such as At The Races and Racing UK. These provide coverage worldwide.

At the Races covers 26 tracks in both Ireland and Britain. Racing UK, on the other hand, covers 34 tracks in Britain. You can skip the TV and watch the same on your mobile or through your computer. That is the beauty of technology.

Check what channels offer live horse racing streaming in your country and what requirements are applicable. If you would prefer to catch the action on the go, keep reading for more options:

horse racing betting


Instead of staying glued to the TV, you can follow the action from anywhere you are. You could be in the office, on your way to work, hanging out with friends, or something along this line. At such a time, you do not have access to your TV.

But thanks to live streaming, you can still watch the racing. All you have to do is choose a bookmaker that offers live streaming. Once you place your bet, you can watch the race live. Here are some ideal options in this case:

Paddy Power

paddy power

This site excels in sports betting options, and the case is not different when it comes to horse racing. It has a mobile app through which you can follow your favorite sports live. Also, there is a welcome bonus available to new users, as well as the ability to activate streaming through free bets.

You need to open an account with the site before depositing bet funds then claiming the bonus applicable to you. Find the race you wish to bet on and place a wager of at least £1. From here, you can watch the race live by clicking the live video button.


This site also allows you to catch the action through an app, and it has a generous welcome offer. You will love that it has a live commentary to couple the streaming. The live streaming follows pretty much the same process as that of Paddy Live.



All you need to do is place a bet to catch horse racing live, through an app or desktop site. You will be happy to know that there are many offers on horse racing. The signup and activation process is similar to that of Paddy Power.

Other applicable sites include Coral, Betfair, William Hill, bet365 and Ladbrokes, among others. When choosing what site you will use, you should also consider factors such as security and the competitiveness of odds.

Racing Season

The racing season depends on the region. Take the UK as an example. Racing takes place throughout the year, while the next Kentucky horse racing will take place during May. However, most of the races take place between November and April. Seasons vary, and it is best that you check … Continue Reading



The Kentucky Derby takes place annually at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky on the first Saturday in May. This derby not only has a big purse, but it also has a history of being one of the longest-running horse races.

Thus, horses that win in this race are often considered to be in the top tier. Making a wager on this race and emerging a winner is something that many people hope to do.

Unfortunately, most people cannot make it to Louisville and make do with watching the race from far away. Well, if you fall into this category, there is a way out in the form of online wagering.

It allows you to place wagers quickly and conveniently, and you can spend the rest of the time watching and possibly celebrating the outcome. If you want to make an online bet on this derby or are wondering what it entails, you have come to the right place.

kentucky derby


Horse racing is an exciting sport on which people have bet for generations. Unlike most sports, horse race betting is legal in most regions and is thus quite popular. The situation is not any different when it comes to the Kentucky Derby, which is more of a cultural event.

While online gambling is easily accessible, it does not change the fact that some sites are not legit. Some sites are out to take your money and leave you high and dry. You thus have to be careful when deciding which site you will use.

Wager Types

If you are new to wagering on horse racing, you might not know what options are available to you. It helps to know what you can bet on as you can use this variation when selecting a betting site.

You can bet on the outright winner as this has a higher payout as compared to place or show. Future winner is a variation in this, where you make your selection months before the derby. The payouts for this are higher, as the results are highly unpredictable at this point. You could put up one hundred dollars and come out with two thousand. Sire future is another variation that allows you to bet on offspring, and this also pays a lot. Place allows you to bet on a horse finishing in first or second place. Show, on the other hand, will enable you to bet on a horse finishing in the top three.

Exacta allows you to choose which horses will finish as first and second in their given order. You can see that the payout from this would be high owing to the degree of difficulty. Trifecta is where you choose three horses in their finishing order, with high payouts. Prop bets have little to do with the winner of the race, but rather, other factors. You could even bet on the number of words in the Derby winner’s name.

Site Selection Process

How should you choose a betting site? Well, there are many factors to consider in this case, with some being more crucial than others.

For one, dependability is a must, given that the site will handle your hard-earned money. You might think that this is a no-brainer. However, in the eagerness that comes from an adrenaline rush to win a wager, this is not the case.

People will hurriedly give away their money to questionable sites, only to realize that they have been scammed later on. Huge events such as the Kentucky Derby attract cons who are out to steal … Continue Reading



Politics is exciting as you never know what will happen in the next hour, day, or week. With so many vested interests surrounding most matters, outcomes can go every which way. Because of this unpredictability, gamblers can make a pretty dime by predicting what will happen in the future.

That’s right! Politicians are not the only people who can mint money from politics. All you need is to understand what political betting is all about and to find a site that offers the same.

Political betting is a tad different from sports betting. However, once you get the hang of it, you should be good to go. The odds depend on the bookie in question. In most cases, events focus on the winners of general elections, both parties, and individuals.

Some bookies will focus on one region while others allow you to bet on political events across the globe. You can bet on major events such as impeachments and election winners. You can also bet on small things such as the date of the next election.


Now, here is the thing with political betting. One, there is a lot of humor surrounding this aspect. You can find bets on ridiculous things, such as whether a president will launch a comedy tour. You can thus use this form of betting as a way to stay entertained and aloof from the seriousness of politics.

Two, a lot goes into the result of such a bet. Think about it this way. When people vote, they do so for different reasons, whether subjective or objective. It has been the case for many generations, and there is no telling whether this will change.

Thus, the outcome does not rely on luck, but rather the bias and tradition ingrained in the society. As you make your bet, you should keep this in mind. You might place wagers based on who you want to win, rather than who is likely to win. It helps to remember that this is about making some money, and objectivity helps a lot.

Three, you have to do your research. You see, political betting does have some similarities with sports betting. What do you do before you bet on a team? You go through its stats and that of the opponent to come up with a detailed analysis. You spend hours on end thinking about likely outcomes before wagering your money.

The situation is not different in political betting if you wish to make some cash. You must know what is happening across the globe. That means reading the news, being updated on social media trends, and understanding some history. Without this, you will go in blindly, and you are highly likely to lose money.

Where can you bet?

Now that you understand some of the intricacies involved in political betting, it is time to find a suitable site. Not many betting sites offer this form of betting. As such, you need to look around for some options, ensuring that the websites provide online security.

You do not want to compromise your safety under any circumstances. After this, you can consider the odds offered, bonuses and promotions, and other such factors. Here are some of the leading sites at present:

Paddy Power

paddy power

This site provides a range of different betting options other than political betting. However, when it comes to the latter, it is one of the best options in the market. Why is this? Well, it owes to the wide variety of political betting options. You can bet on what’s happening in the UK … Continue Reading


While there are many gamblers in the UK, this is one of the most regulated markets across the globe. The gambling commission in the country is always hard at work coming up with ways to regulate the industry. As much as this protects the players, it can also be a source of frustration. One recent initiative from the commission is the introduction of Gamstop. A lot of misinformation surrounds this initiative, and this has caused a lot of worry in the industry. Here is what you need to know about it.

What is it?

Gamstop does not apply to all players, but rather those in the UK who choose to exclude themselves from gambling. It is no secret that some people do not know when to stop gaming. They will play until they exhaust their resources only to do the same tomorrow.

Now, this initiative allows them to register accounts and thus bar themselves from accessing betting sites. This registration is possible in sites with active Gamstop memberships. Therefore, not all betting sites will allow you to register such an account.

If you feel that you have lost control over your gambling habits, this initiative is here to help. Responsible gambling is the goal in this case. As such, many betting sites have allowed for Gamstop registration in the hope of building their reputations.

online casino

How can you tell if a site has this feature?

There are two ways to do this. The first is to visit the site in question and look for the Gamstop logo. You can find this on the homepage, most likely at the bottom. Another way is by visiting the Gamstop website.

Here, you can go through the extensive list of registered sites. Studies show that people have found their way around this initiative. They create false profiles and place bets on betting sites with the initiative. However, for most people with gambling addiction, it has been of help.

How it works

First of all, using Gamstop is free, and all you need to do is register your details on the official website. From here, you can continue betting at will. If you feel that things are getting out of hand, you can activate the self-exclusion option. It allows you to choose how long you will stay out of the game. From the time of activation, you have twenty-four hours before the exclusion begins.

Note that getting back to betting after this is quite hard. You have to contact Gamstop to lift the exclusion. Also, you cannot opt-out before the time lapses. As such, you should think hard about your decision to exclude yourself. Once you make it, there is no going back for a long time. That is why people search for betting sites that do not include this feature. If you have found yourself in a fix, here are some websites you can use.

Alternative betting sites

Bet Online

bet online

This site offers sign up bonuses to the tunes of one thousand dollars. It is US-based, and it accepts players from the UK. Games offered include tennis, golf, football, basketball, soccer, and hockey, among others. It also provides casino games, allowing for diversity. It has been in operation for almost two decades.

Tiger Gaming

tiger gaming

This site offers 100% matching on sign up deposits, terms, and conditions considered. It has been in operation for more than two decades. During this time, it has offered an array of options regarding games and tournaments. Additionally, it provides variation in deposit and withdrawal methods, allowing for fast access. It is American-owned and opens its doors to UK players.


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