About the Author

Hello everyone,
My name is Simon and I’m from Sweden!
My friends and I are big fans of betting on different kind of sports. Not so long ago we only watched football, without even thinking how fun other sports can be. To be fair, horse racing doesn’t seem very appealing or very “fun” to watch, but one day there were no serious matches to watch and I decided, why not give it a try?

Fast forward to today, I’m thinking about attending the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, if I can only get myself a ticket to there.
That is why I decided to try out blogging and see if I can fund myself the ticket through this awesome website!

If you want to help me out or want to collaborate with me, please contact me via my website email: [email protected]

If you haven’t taken a chance to read my articles, what are you waiting for?
I hope you have a nice read and a great day!

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