Once you have placed your bet, the next step lies in waiting to see if you will emerge the winner. For most people, this means lying on a couch and following the action on the television. Live horse racing is available on both TV and online. Here is how you can be part of the action regardless of where you are.


Terrestrial TV is one way to go in this case. People living in Britain and Ireland can follow the action on ITV and ITV4 on Saturdays. Also, when big events take place, there are mid-week airings in case you missed the action. You can also catch the action on satellite channels such as At The Races and Racing UK. These provide coverage worldwide.

At the Races covers 26 tracks in both Ireland and Britain. Racing UK, on the other hand, covers 34 tracks in Britain. You can skip the TV and watch the same on your mobile or through your computer. That is the beauty of technology.

Check what channels offer live horse racing streaming in your country and what requirements are applicable. If you would prefer to catch the action on the go, keep reading for more options:

horse racing betting


Instead of staying glued to the TV, you can follow the action from anywhere you are. You could be in the office, on your way to work, hanging out with friends, or something along this line. At such a time, you do not have access to your TV.

But thanks to live streaming, you can still watch the racing. All you have to do is choose a bookmaker that offers live streaming. Once you place your bet, you can watch the race live. Here are some ideal options in this case:

Paddy Power

paddy power

This site excels in sports betting options, and the case is not different when it comes to horse racing. It has a mobile app through which you can follow your favorite sports live. Also, there is a welcome bonus available to new users, as well as the ability to activate streaming through free bets.

You need to open an account with the site before depositing bet funds then claiming the bonus applicable to you. Find the race you wish to bet on and place a wager of at least £1. From here, you can watch the race live by clicking the live video button.


This site also allows you to catch the action through an app, and it has a generous welcome offer. You will love that it has a live commentary to couple the streaming. The live streaming follows pretty much the same process as that of Paddy Live.



All you need to do is place a bet to catch horse racing live, through an app or desktop site. You will be happy to know that there are many offers on horse racing. The signup and activation process is similar to that of Paddy Power.

Other applicable sites include Coral, Betfair, William Hill, bet365 and Ladbrokes, among others. When choosing what site you will use, you should also consider factors such as security and the competitiveness of odds.

Racing Season

The racing season depends on the region. Take the UK as an example. Racing takes place throughout the year, while the next Kentucky horse racing will take place during May. However, most of the races take place between November and April. Seasons vary, and it is best that you check what applies to your region.

Impact of weather on races

Racing takes place throughout most of the year. As such, it is subject to varying weather conditions. Given that horses do not mind getting wet much, they also race in the rain.

You have probably seen jockeys making their way on tracks deep in mud. Usually, they will brave the weather and have a good time. However, that is not always the case, more so when safety concerns arise.

When the rain is too much, jockeys’ goggles fog up, holes are likely to appear on the tracks, and horses can slip. When this happens, there is an added risk of injury. Yet, it is rare for a horse race to get canceled owing to bad weather.

Cancellations only take place when there is an imminent risk of injury to the horses and the races. An excellent example, in this case, would be the presence of lightning.

There you have it! Horse racing is a sport that you can follow all-year-round from the comfort of your home. And given the resilience of the horses and jockeys, rarely will you ever come across a cancellation.

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